West Palm Beach, Florida-Lots Of Fun In The Sun

Of course, one of the biggest attractions in West Palm Beach, Florida is the beach and all that goes with it. In addition to that, there are museums, wildlife habitats, botanical gardens, farmers markets, and a wildlife sanctuary too. There is the Palm Beach Zoo for the family, plus the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium that also shouldn’t be missed. Let’s take a more detailed look.

The Art Museum And Downtown Area Boast Days Worth Of Attractions

The downtown district of West Palm Beach has hundreds of nice restaurants ranging from quick seafood to full-service chef cooked dinners. Just a couple of blocks off of the beautiful white sand beaches it’s an easy and entertaining walk into downtown. There are hundreds of retail businesses like kite shops, swimsuit wear, beach clothes, upscale clothing, surfboards, kayaks, and fishing gear.

Different times of the year there are huge festivals that can be a weekend event all on their own, it’s best to book your place to stay months in advance at these times. There are outdoor movie and music venues on nearly every weekend and some weekdays, the schedules are available online.

The Norton Museum of Art is also downtown and boasts a variety of international and local artists. There are works from Chinese artists, Europeans, and Americans as well. There are tons of workshops and events happening daily that are designed to attract children and adults alike. Even special classes on starting your own artistic hobby at home, whether it be painting, pottery, weaving or carving.

The McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary Is A Must See Family Event

The sanctuary is designed to help treat wild animals that have been in accidents or abandoned in both the local area and abroad. There are guided tours where visitors can view the recovering animals in natural habitats while learning about the rescue process to help wounded and injured wildlife. There recovery rooms, treatment clinics, and operating tables on the tour. It is highly educational and teaches everyone the dangers and rewards of interacting with animals.

Another great place to take the kids is the South Florida Science Center that also includes a giant aquarium. There are many interactive displays that will help children learn about the ocean and the millions of species that live there. Since most of the 50+ exhibits are hands-on, it will take hours of captivated time to complete a tour of the center, especially with children.

If you haven’t been to West Palm Beach lately, you can go back for a refresher course anytime. There is plenty to do, and the beach is fantastic, so make sure you bring lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, and a relaxing chair to lean back and enjoy yourself in.